• The car requires care and care for him. Any motorist understands that every device that ensures the operation of his car must be of high quality and with high performance indicators. What do modern drivers say about battery selection? Let's find out about it together. So:

    Which battery is better?

    The most important question that makes you think about which battery is best to prefer is that the Russian road conditions are a fairly aggressive environment for a car. That is why you need to choose a battery that would fully cope with their work in our harsh climate and on our controversial roads.

    Many drivers note that BOSH batteries have proven to be durable devices. Their lifespan can range from a few years to more than a dozen years. Many motorists prefer Varta batteries also for their durability and stability. Experienced drivers advise not to skimp on a good battery.They make a link confirming this thesis, that the car in modern conditions is subjected to constant operation of the maximum number of its systems. Agree that quite often the driver uses lighting, the stove is constantly working, moreover, the seasonal change of weather throws the car into a situation of constant temperature differences. All this should take out the battery. That is why it is worth buying an expensive, good battery that will last for many years.

    Many drivers buy expensive batteries just because they want to feel confident about tomorrow. The confidence that tomorrow morning they will fit and sit in their car, which will start without problems, and calmly go about their business without any delay. The main problem with batteries occurs when the machine has been without work for a long time. The battery needs constant charging and discharging, that is, in order for it to work well, you need to use it quite often. While the machine is idle, the batteries lose all their properties and working condition.

    Here are some of the characteristics that should be guided when buying a battery:

    • Charged or dry charged battery.The choice of a caring driver, of course, will fall on charged batteries. The use of "dry" batteries can result in damage due to incorrect actions by the owner of the car or in a service center. Here, which battery is better to buy.
    • Serviced and non serviced battery. In this case, everyone is free to choose independently. An unattended battery will need to be thrown away after it breaks. Serviced requires constant monitoring, since when the electrolyte level falls, it is necessary to constantly add water to the battery.
    • The method of isolation of the battery plates. It is best to choose the battery that has an envelope separator, rather than ductile. This method extends battery life from 2-3 years to 5-6 years. Significant difference.
    • View plates in the battery. In this case, everything is pretty simple. Machines produced after the year 2000 need a calcium battery, and older cars are in lead.

    Special attention should be paid to OPTIMA batteries. This successful company has long established itself in the automotive market as a company that produces really high-quality and durable batteries that can be suitable for work in any vehicle.Even in the conditions of severe frosts of the taiga, OPTIMA batteries will be able to start the huge diesel engine of a multi-ton truck. Choosing OPTIMA batteries, you ensure your reliable operation of automotive electronics for many years to come. OPTIMA is the choice of real drivers who know how to take care of their cars. Want to please your steel horse? Give him a battery from OPTIMA.

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