• Which cross is suitable for baptism?

    Baptism in the list of all the sacraments is the first through which a person passes in his life, as a rule, in his first years. Usually parents decide when to baptize their children. The sacrament of the child can take at any age, and at will, and there has never been any special requirements on this matter. No matter what kind of faith the parents have, it is important that the child accept this sacrament and become a full member of the Church.

    During preparation for the sacrament, it is important for parents and godparents that the choice of a cross, the first necessary item for baptism, is considered.

    Restrictions on the material from which it is made, no. It can be made of bronze, copper, bone, gold, silver or amber. However, metal and wooden crosses are closer in spirit to the Cross of God. It does not matter what the cross will be on: on a chain or thread, as long as it holds and does not break loose.

    For a newborn child it is better to buy a cross, hung on a durable natural thread.If you bought it in a jewelry store, then before the sacrament it should be sanctified. But it is advisable to buy it in the church shop, where it is already sold by the consecrated. In any case, if you doubt which cross is needed for baptism, the priest will help with advice on this issue.

    The cross must be small, without sharp corners, otherwise the child will be injured. As a rule, for baptism it is worth buying a simple cross, and expensive - only for round dates.

    The cross is usually worn under the clothes "on the body", which is why it is called wearable. It is impossible to wear it over clothes to ordinary people. Among the priests, the cross is called “pectoral”, they are worn over clothing.

    The cross is the main shrine for Christians, the testimony of our redemption. He is put on the baby during the sacrament of baptism, which indicates that the child joined the church of Christ. After the end of baptism, the cross can not be removed from the baby even while swimming. Wear it should be next to the heart. We can say that when we wear it on the body, we pray in wordless manner. It is believed that wearing a cross helps in difficult situations, makes it easier to carry diseases and life turmoil.

    Each line on the cross carries a symbolic meaning. There are three canonical forms: four, six, and eight-pointed. In Russia, it is customary to wear an eight-pointed cross with the inscription on the reverse side of “Save and save.” This form of the cross is the most popular.

    Upon careful consideration of the eight-pointed cross, you can see a small crossbar with the inscription “Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews”, made by order of Pontius Pilate. The bottom bar is the symbol of the foot on which the feet of Christ leaned. According to the priests, this form is most similar to the cross on which Jesus Christ was crucified.

    Six-pointed - is one of the most ancient. On it, the vertical is intersected by a horizontal line just above the middle, under which there is an inclined line.

    As for the four-pointed one, there were disputes for a long time, since the Old Believers considered him to be the seal of the antichrist. In his defense joined John of Kronstadt, who said that this form of the cross is originally Russian.

    Thus, the question of which cross is necessary for baptism, there is no definite answer. The main thing is that the cross should be on the body constantly and not scratch it (this is especially true for newborns).But the most important is the belief that the child understands what an important and symbolic value is a cross, then wearing it will only help.

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