• Which printer is better for home?

    Nowadays, printers are widely used not only in offices, but also in private houses and apartments due to the convenience and speed of obtaining a printed document.

    Progress gave us a lot of printers. They differ from each other by the principle of work, the number of colors, the type of ink and the material being printed. The person who decided to buy a printer for home, there is a lot of questions when choosing. What characteristics to prefer? What brand of printer will last a long time, without requiring repair? Which printer is better for home? In this article, such questions will not remain unanswered. We will give brief recommendations on choosing a printer, consider the advantages and disadvantages of different printers.

    How to choose a home printer

    The difference between "home" and office printers is in print volumes. The needs of offices in the documentation are many times greater than the home. Just think - invoices, orders, explanatory, financial statements - all this needs to be printed! Unlike office printers, a home printer typically requires an average of 300-600 pages per month.Also at home, as practice shows, people are actively using printing color photos. Therefore, before choosing a printer for your home, decide on the needs for which you will use it. Depending on this, sales assistants will advise you on a specific printer. In order to make the right choice of printer for the home, let's try to figure out what kinds of printing devices are currently on the market.

    Jet printer

    The principle of operation of an inkjet printer is that it creates an image in dots using a special matrix (head) that prints liquid dyes. The head can be fixed in the printer itself, or it can be mounted in the cartridge. Among the printers with built-in matrix are popular Canon and Epson. For a printer that uses a print head built into the cartridge, Hewlett-Packard and Lexmark equipment is suitable. Depending on the type of ink used inkjet printers are divided into water, oil, pigment, solvent, thermal transfer. Different types of ink allow you to paint on clothes, print outdoor advertising and high quality photos.

    Depending on the purpose of inkjet printers, specialists distinguish their subtypes: office printers, wide format printers, interior, marking, souvenir, photo printers and manicure printers. From the names it is clear that office use office printer. It is designed for printing on small paper formats. If you decide to purchase an inkjet printer for the house, then immediately prepare your wallets, as it is not cheap. It is also expensive to maintain and repair the printer. The speed of printing an inkjet printer is higher than that of other printers, and the advantages include the absence of strong noise during its operation. Inkjet printers of the following companies are suitable for domestic needs: Epson, Lexmark, Canon, and others.

    Laser printer

    It is an excellent alternative to an inkjet printer. If you want to buy a color printer for the home, then the laser will be the best investment. Printing documents is fast and is characterized by high image quality. This is due to the unique printing technology using a laser beam, which “solders” the image into the paper under the action of high temperature and low pressure.The advantages of a laser printer are low-cost maintenance and a wide range of refill cartridges that can be bought at any electronics store. For example, inkjet cartridges are sold only in specialized stores. The printer prints on any paper.

    Home photo printer

    In order not to contact the photo studio and print photos at home, you can buy a photo printer and use it. Laser printers are usually used in photo printers, but if you want to get high-quality photos with accurate color reproduction, it’s better to stop on a more expensive, but also on a more efficient ink jet photo printer. Photo Printer helps you print photos of different formats, save money and time. A small addition: color printer cartridges are used fairly quickly, so by constantly buying them, you can literally go broke. But there is a way out - get a CISS (continuous ink transfer system). With the help of CISS, you can print much more photos than when using one set of cartridges, and the quality of photos printed with the help of CISC will not be inferior to those printed with cartridges.In addition, if you count how much money you spend on printing the same number of photos with cartridges and with the help of CISS, then you will notice a huge difference of several thousand rubles!

    Now, knowing what kind of printers you have, you can decide which printer is best for your home. If you also need a scanner, you can look at the models-combines - they are now also presented quite a lot.

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