• Who baptized Russia?

    Leonid Veselov
    Leonid Veselov
    August 16, 2011
    Who baptized Russia?

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    Who baptized Russia?

    The baptism of Russia is one of the most significant facts in the history of the Russian state. Who baptized Russia? From the school course, everyone probably remembers that the person who baptized Russia is Prince Vladimir. Let's turn to history.

    Russia was baptized by Prince Vladimir Svyatoslavich. He became the prince of Novgorod in 970, and seized the throne of Kiev in 978. In 988, Christianity was chosen as the religion of Kievan Rus. Much about the baptism of Russia is written in the "Tale of times." According to this source, Prince Vladimir adopted Christianity from the Church of Constantinople. Many historians say that Vladimir himself was baptized in 978. An interesting fact is that in the Byzantine literature the event of the baptism of Russia went almost unnoticed. In which year Russia was baptized? According to the Tale of Times, baptism took place in 988, although the Greeks claim that it was a full century earlier. The baptism of Russia occurred at a time when the split between the two churches, namely, between Western and Eastern, had not yet been fully accomplished.However, by that time, this separation from each other was guessed at in the creeds and relations of church and secular authorities.

    The value of baptism for Russia

    According to the literary source "The Tale of Times", Russia was baptized in 6496 from the "creation of the world". The adoption of Christianity in Russia could not but be reflected in the cultural life of the people of that time. This event influenced the course of history radically. A great development and push forward painting and architecture. Antique traditions from Byzantium were gradually introduced into the life of the Russian people. One of the most important events of that time was the spread of Cyrillic writing and book traditions. Only after the baptism of Rus did the first monuments of ancient Russian literature appear.

    Without a doubt, it can be argued that the baptism of Russia radically changed the whole world. The fact is that Christianity was developed in the vast territory of Eastern Europe. This could not but affect the fate of all mankind and the world as a whole.

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