• Who is a philologist?

    Daria Shpolyanskaya
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    Who is a philologist?

    There are many professions in which different people can show their talents and aspirations. Professions are divided into intellectual and physical. Today we will consider one of the most interesting intellectual professions - the specialty of the philologist. So who is a philologist?

    Philologist - a person who studies languages, their history, structure, structure. Philologists come in different directions: practitioners and theorists. Practitioners are engaged in the constant study of languages, make translations, expand the structural language framework. Unlike practitioners, theorists are engaged in the study of ancient and dead languages. In addition, theorists develop new rules, introduce new conventions, clear the language of parasitic words, and create dictionaries.

    If you decide where to act, then you are probably interested in the question of who the philologist can work with. Well, firstly, any philologist can work as a translator, as a compulsory discipline in all philological faculties is a foreign language, and in some universities - two.The philologist can work in the editorial offices of journals or publishers, doing proofreading or editing texts. If a philologist is good with a conversational genre, he will easily find a job as a journalist, and nowadays Internet technologies a philologist can also become a copywriter. In general, it is not so difficult for a philologist to find a job. It all depends on what language you will learn. For example, there are a lot of English translators in our country; therefore, their salary is quite low, but there is little Japanese or Chinese, and the payment of such translators is significantly higher.

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