• Who is a psychologist?

    Andrey Kim
    Andrey Kim
    February 4, 2015
    Who is a psychologist?

    A psychologist is called as a specialist in the field of psychology, who has received a special education, and a person who does not have a special education, but is well versed in the human psyche intuitively.

    Theorist or practitioner?

    There are theoretical psychologists and practical psychologists, their activities are different. Theorists are engaged in the study of psychological laws and mechanisms, create new theories. A practicing psychologist practices the practical knowledge accumulated by the theorists.

    What is a psychologist doing?

    As a rule, the task of a psychologist is to help a person overcome a difficult life situation - parting with a loved one, a prolonged quarrel with parents, the death of a loved one, difficulties in dealing with some people, problems in life and in oneself, etc. In the process of dialogue, the psychologist makes the patient look at the situation from the other side, learn to think in a new way, get rid of fears.

    Psychologist or psychiatrist?

    It is important to understand that a psychologist and a psychiatrist are two completely different specialists.The psychologist has no medical education, and therefore he cannot make diagnoses, prescribe medications, etc. The only tool the work of the psychologist - the conversation. That is why the psychologist always works with mentally healthy people who just got into a difficult life situation, and the psychiatrist deals with people with mental disabilities.

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