• Who is Roma Acorn?

    Vladislav Rogovsky
    Vladislav Rogovsky
    July 26, 2012
    Who is Roma Acorn?

    Nowadays, with the help of the Internet, many people have gained fame. Recently, video blogging has become the most popular. This type of blogging came from the West. Often, a video blog is considered a form of web-television. One of the most popular services used for video blogging is YouTube. In RuNet, this form of blog came relatively recently. Often, Russian video bloggers post their videos on Youtube, Vkontakte, RuTube. One of the stars of Russian video blogging is Roma Acorn.

    Who is Roma Acorn: facts of life

    Many opponents of Roma Acorn call him a vulgar, ill-bred schoolboy.

    On the Internet, Roma Acorn is a well-known Russian video blogger who wears the pseudonym of “Roma Acorn”. The basis of his popularity was the videos that are posted on YouTube and Vkontakte.

    All videos of Roma Acorn are in web-show format. Immediately after his first video, he gained incredible popularity. Some of his videos have over a million views.Roma himself takes part in the videos, and sometimes his mother, as well as various girlfriends. The main audience of Roma Acorn are schoolchildren.

    In April 2012, Roma Acorn appeared on the “Let Them Talk” program. Already on May 25, 2012, Roma Acorn became a co-host at the Poklonnaya Gora concert. The concert was broadcast on YouTube.

    Of course, this boy aroused great interest among different people. Even Alexander Tsekalo drew attention to him and commented on his activities in F5 magazine. According to him, the main source of Roma’s popularity is his behavior. He is a child from a well-to-do family, but in his videos he cusses freely, criticizes everything around and expresses his displeasure. It is thanks to the profanity and such extraordinary behavior that he achieved what he has.

    Many other social networking stars ridicule Roma Acorn for such behavior. Roma himself (as well as his mother) considers his videos quite funny and exciting.

    However, this boy has a lot of fans who are interested in the question of who Roma Acorn is dating. According to the latest data, Roma met a girl named Nastya Shmakova.Often there are rumors that Roma is leaving her lover and soon converges with her again. There is almost no information about Nastya herself, although you can find several of her photos on the Internet. Recently, however, information about the new girlfriend of Roma Acorn, Angelina Dobrorodnova, began to appear on the Internet. How serious this relationship is and whether Roma will return, as it happened, again, to Nastya Shmakova, time will tell.

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