• Who to kill: Dwayne or Playboy?

    Vadim Paly
    Vadim Paly
    January 11, 2013
    Who to kill: Dwayne or Playboy?

    During the passage of the game GTA IV there is a mission in which you face a difficult choice, who to kill: Dwayne or Playboy.

    After killing Duane, you will receive a cash reward of $ 25,000, and then Playboy tells you that he does not want to communicate with you, because you killed his friend. In turn, after killing Playboy, you will get his apartment and thanks from Dwayne, and if you raise the level of friendship with Dwayne, then he gives you the opportunity to call two partners who will help you during the missions. That is, in principle, it is more logical to kill Playboy: an apartment costs much more than the money that Playboy gives, and the fire support from Duane is a big plus throughout the gameplay. Once upon a time, my choice fell on Playboy, and I was right.

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