• Who killed Pushkin?

    Olga Koval
    Olga Koval
    March 2, 2015
    Who killed Pushkin?

    The death of Pushkin for Russian literature is an irreparable loss. A great poet died at the age of 37, and how much more he could have written if he had survived! Our article How Pushkin is called will help you learn more about the value of the poet’s creativity.

    The quick-tempered character of A.S. Pushkin became the cause of many conflicts: for all the time Pushkin became a participant in more than twenty duels. True, many of them were resolved before the duel by a peaceful settlement with the help of the friends of the poet. But one of the duels was fatal for him. What was the reason for the duel and who was its second participant?

    Who killed Pushkin and why

    Last duel AS Pushkin occurred on February 8, 1837 in St. Petersburg. Pushkin's opponent was Georges de Guchern Dantès, with whom he had longstanding conflicts. As is well known, Pushkin’s wife, Natalya Goncharova, was a very beautiful woman, and her fans were always hovering around her. Georges Dantes was one of them.

    Unpleasant rumors reached the jealous Pushkin, and he challenged Dantes to a duel in November 1836. The first duel did not take place.Georges Dantes married his cousin Natalia, but the rumors, however, did not subside, and on the contrary, increased. In January 1837 a libel walked around St. Petersburg, where the poet was given the "honorary title of a cuckold". Pushkin could not tolerate such ridicule and challenged Louis Gekkern to a duel, whom he considered the author of this libel. But the challenge took his stepson Georges Dantes.

    At the insistence of Pushkin, the conditions of the duel were fatal to opponents, since the distance of twenty steps did not leave a chance. The first shot was Georges Dantes, who wounded the poet in the stomach. In response, A.S. Pushkin shot Dantes, but hit him in the arm, easily wounding him.

    Two days later - February 10, 1837 A.S. Pushkin is gone. According to official figures, he died of peritonitis. There were long disputes: could the poet survive, but in the end they came to the conclusion that there were very few chances.

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