• Who was called nobility?

    November 26, 2014
    Who was called nobility?

    In history lessons, we often hear the words "know" and "aristocracy." Approximately we all know what it is. Today, let's take a closer look at this issue and find out who was called nobility and how the nobility’s claims to exclusivity were based.

    To know or the aristocracy is a privileged stratum of society, and all the privileges of the aristocrats were inherited. Know always had a great influence on the political life of the country. Many decisions were made by the nobility.

    The origin of the nobility

    Know formed in various ways. Beginning with the primitive system, there was inequality in society: there were leaders - priests, leaders, warriors, etc. They passed to the sons the secrets of their skills, as well as their power. Gradually, the privileges began to be inherited from father to son. Such an order entrenched. Power was transferred to the heir, regardless of his qualities. The word "know" means someone whom everyone knows, who is known to everyone.

    Most often, the nobility was formed from the highest military ranks (for example, commanders-in-chief), later wealthy merchants began to relate to the nobility, and later, nobles.

    Besides the fact that the aristocratic title was inherited, it was possible to earn it with special actions for the state or buy it for a very large amount of money.

    The exclusivity of the nobility

    The aristocrats justified their uniqueness by the fact that they inherit the best human qualities: intelligence, valor, truthfulness, nobility. External data was also distinctive: the aristocrats had pale skin, tall stature, refined features.

    The end of the aristocracy, as a privileged stratum of society, was put by the bourgeois revolutions of the New Age. So, in Russia it was the February Revolution of 1917.

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