• Why are lips itching?

    Oksana Logunova
    Oksana Logunova
    February 25, 2013
    Why are lips itching?

    The lips are red, flaky and swollen. Not one of us had to deal with such a situation. What could be the cause of this phenomenon, we will find out in this article. From it you will learn why itching lips.

    Allergic reaction

    Lips may itch if this is a manifestation of an allergic reaction of the body. Allergy symptoms can also be the following:

    • small rash;
    • redness and swelling;
    • severe itching;
    • dry skin of the lips;
    • hives;
    • cracks.

    Sometimes an allergy can manifest itself not on the lips, but in the periphery area. At the same time, the symptoms will be as follows: the skin is dry and flaky, the lips and the rash are swelled and itchy.

    The occurrence of an allergic reaction on the lips occurs under the influence of some allergen-stimulus. There may be food allergies. With this type of allergy, disorder, runny nose, cough, rash and itching all over the body, and not just on the lips, are added to the above symptoms.

    Food allergies can provoke any drink or product, medicine.Allergies on the lips cause cosmetics or a specific component of this tool. This may be a perfume or dye, which is absolutely contraindicated in the body.

    Such a reaction may occur after dental prosthetics or implantation. It can be caused by means of fixing prostheses. Toothpaste can also be classified as allergens.


    Another cause of itching on the lips can be a rather unpleasant viral herpes disease, it is also called “cold on the lips”. Its symptoms are as follows:

    • severe itching;
    • burning;
    • feeling that the lip is "swelling" may develop swelling;
    • the appearance of painful vesicles.

    Factors affecting the manifestation of the disease:

    • immunity is weakened;
    • catarrhal diseases such as ARVI, flu;
    • strong emotional shock;
    • microtraumas;
    • hormonal imbalance;
    • prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

    Herpes is transmitted very easily:

    • when kissing;
    • when using the dishes of an infected person;
    • when using someone else's lip cosmetics.

    Now you know why itchy lips, what the reasons for this phenomenon may be.

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