• Why are the flowers white?

    Lilya Mayak
    Lilya Mayak
    March 10, 2015
    Why are the flowers white?

    Each of us has repeatedly admired the variety of shades that nature has endowed the plant world with. Sometimes you can find flowers of such a color scale that it is hard to believe that they are real. However, not everyone knows why they differ in coloring from each other and why some flowers, especially night ones, are white. In this article we will explain what caused the white color of various plants.

    What determines the shade of the flower

    Even in botany and biology in school, we know that the color of flowers depends on special substances called pigments. The plant world has approximately two thousand such dyes. In turn, the color of the pigment is due to its ability to absorb light. Thus, if the light rays that fall on an object are completely reflected, then it will be white, but if they are absorbed, then the object will be black.

    How do flowers get blue, red or lilac? This occurs in cases where the object absorbs rays only in certain parts of the visible part of the solar spectrum.Then the color can be very different - from red-orange to blue-lilac.

    Such pigments are called anthocyanins. They are part of the cell membrane or cell juice vacuoles. These pigments dissolve well in water. Their interaction with alkalis gives a blue color, and with acids - red shades. Blue color of cornflowers, red - roses and lilac - violets due to the presence of dissolved anthocyanins in the cell sap.

    Yellow shades of flowers depend on the presence of other pigments in plant cells, which are called carotenoids. They give yellow coloring to flowers of dandelion, celandine and other plants. The green color is known to be due to chlorophyll pigment.

    What caused the white color of flowers

    The white color of plants, as mentioned above, depends on the absolute reflection of the light rays falling on the plant. Why are most of the colors with white color are nocturnal? It is important to note that the motley color of flowers is conceived by nature with a very important goal - to attract pollinating insects. Flowers reproduce with the help of pollination, therefore, in this matter, the main role is played by insects that carry pollen from one flower to another.

    It turns out that it is the flower coloring that helps him in the fight for the attention of pollinators. It is obvious that at night it is best to notice exactly the white color or other light shades. In addition, the aroma of many flowers is enhanced during this period of the day. This phenomenon is also due to the need to attract night insects.

    On such flowers night moths fly. For example, they pollinate the night violet, gardenia, jasmine and the so-called moon flowers.

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