• Why are the games buggy?

    Evgeny Fogov
    Evgeny Fogov
    March 7, 2015
    Why are the games buggy?

    As you know, a computer game is a program that works on the same principles as other programs. However, unlike the usual understanding of the software, games are very resource-intensive. That is why they can, as the players say, be buggy. On the reasons that may disrupt the work of games, we will discuss in this article. Consider why the games are buggy.

    Weak iron

    Speaking about the problem of freeze and crash of games immediately, it is worth noting the most common reasons, namely: weak iron. Iron refers to the elements of a computer, such as a processor, video card, and so on. Since the game is a very resource-intensive program, it requires a powerful iron. If the elements of the computer are not modern enough, the game may not start at all. One of the most frequent causes is a weak video card and an insufficient amount of RAM. Therefore, it is recommended that you install the recommended system requirements before installing the game.

    Problem with settings

    Some games need the right settings. Often this is due again to an insufficiently strong iron. Thus, the user can play the game, but he will have to change the settings so that they match the characteristics of his computer. In addition, there are cases when games are buggy due to incorrect settings in the game menu. Usually the manufacturer of the game notifies you when downloading the product.

    Pirate version

    Now, many players prefer to download pirated versions, as they are free. As a rule, the pirated version of the game is on a torrent tracker or sites that distribute a pirated copy. However, despite the fact that the pirated game may be absolutely identical in terms of content relative to the original game, it may still go incorrectly. Often, pirated games freeze or even damage the computer.

    Raw version

    There are so-called raw versions of the game. Usually they are called pre-alpha, alpha, beta. To distinguish the game from the release is easy enough. Usually in the main menu of the game in the corner you can find the version number. If the first digit in this number is 0, then the game is still raw.Such games are notable for their instability and can crash and hang.

    Slow internet

    Now many games need to be connected to the Internet. And we are not talking about multiplayer games, because now even in order to play in single player mode, you often need to connect to the network. If you have an unstable signal or not enough fast Internet, this may cause the game to work incorrectly, in particular the appearance of so-called lags (hangs).

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