• Why do fish die?

    Aquarium creates comfort and beauty in the house. Probably everyone has long known that the contemplation of aquarium life calms the psyche and contributes to peace. So it is, but it is desirable not just to look at the fish. Fish - creatures are gentle, they need attention and care. Fish, like people, have their own diseases, which they let know about by behavioral changes.

    If it is wrong to keep fish, they can die earlier than expected. What are the specific reasons for the early mortality of aquarium fish? Why do fish die? There are several reasons, and each particular case requires separate attention, but there are also general reasons that can be dealt with.

    Water parameters in the aquarium

    • All water changes should occur gradually. To maintain the required oxygen content in water, filtration and aeration should be round-the-clock.
    • An excess of carbon dioxide is very harmful to fish. It is contained in water, and its amount is extremely important. Plants and fish exhale carbonic acid, its overabundance is as harmful as lack.
    • If you need to know why the fish in the aquarium die, you should always take into account the pH of the water. This indicator is also important. PH = 7 is considered neutral. For fish, this indicator varies between 5.0 and 9.0. The pH value depends on the level of carbon dioxide, at night it decreases. A gradual decrease or increase in pH will not cause problems, and sudden changes can be disastrous.
    • The next factor is stiffness. It depends on the amount of salt. The more salts it contains in water, the harder it is. Water hardness is increased, if necessary, by placing limestone stones in an aquarium. Hardness can be increased to a small extent by coral stones.
    • When you think about why aquarium fish die, you often forget about such a simple thing as fluctuations in water temperature. And fish to temperature drops are very sensitive! Therefore, a change of one or two degrees can be disastrous for them.
    • And another important factor - the backlight. Often in our aquariums live tropical fish, which are used not only to completely different temperatures, but also to a different length of daylight.Therefore, the backlight extends the day to a comfortable life for them, especially in winter, when our daylight hours ends, barely having time to begin.

    It's all about fish

    • Are the rocks contained in the same aquarium always taken into account? Not all species are compatible: carnivores and herbivores, but even this is not the most important. Different breeds react differently to the nitrogen content of the water. While some normally react to a certain increase in its level, others die from nitrogen poisoning.
    • Beginning accidentists may not know how many fish can be kept in one aquarium. Fish die from overpopulation. Therefore, acquiring fish, remember about the capacity of your aquarium. You can proceed from the calculation: one fish - 3 liters of water. It does not prevent to remember that such a quantity of water is necessary for the smallest fish. If the fish is large, then there should be more water.
    • The feeding question is one of the most important for any living thing. You do not have to think why the fish die if you are sure that you feed them properly. You can not stop at monotonous dry food. Do not forget about vegetable feed.Also try not to overfeed the fish, from this they can also die. Better a little less food, the more, so it will be easier to avoid overeating.

    Fish diseases

    In addition to the above reasons, there are still many fish diseases. Therefore, if you are faced with the goal of finding out why the fish die in the aquarium, rather find out if they are getting sick. In case of illness of one or more fish, take immediate action. You can help the fish, you just need to find out the cause of the problem.

    One of the common diseases remains fin rot. Guppies, cockerels, and angelfish are ill with her. For the treatment of drugs used to help cope with the problem.

    It takes patience, attention and care to keep your favorite fish from dying in the aquarium. But if all this is shown in due measure, you will be able to enjoy the magnificence of the underwater world, flourishing thanks to your labors.

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