• Why do my toes get numb?

    Often with an uncomfortable posture, loss of sensitivity of the limbs or parts thereof occurs. Usually it goes away by itself after the change of position. But sometimes, a person feels numb for no apparent reason.

    Why this happens, and what these symptoms mean, is described below.

    Why do the toes often go numb

    Let's talk about the most common reasons.

    Osteochondrosis and other problems with the spine

    As a result of diseases of the spine, nerve disorders occur. If osteophytes - growths on the vertebrae - affect the nerve root, which is responsible for transmitting signals to the lower extremities, the loss of sensitivity is quite long and often occurs. In this case, depending on which nerve is exposed to infringement, the fingers of the left or right leg become numb.

    When the sciatic nerve is inflamed, the big toes often become numb. However, even if such a condition occurs rarely, it is important to visit a specialist.

    Local pinched nerve

    Often, the first 3 fingers are numb in people who spend a lot of time behind the wheel,with the wrong position of the car seat, the right leg is in an uncomfortable position, as a result of which the nerve canal is pinched. In this case, sensitivity is first lost, then tingling occurs, which is replaced by severe pain.

    Lack of vitamin b12

    This vitamin is involved in the work of the nervous system and when it is lacking, other than numbness of the limbs, irritability and rapid fatigue appear.

    Arterial disease

    Violation of the blood supply primarily harms the capillaries, which entangle the toes and hands with a net. Due to the narrowing of the bearing arteries, less and less blood flows to the extremities, so the small vessels atrophy, and this inevitably affects the sensitivity. There are many causes of problems with vessels; only some of them are listed:

    • pre-stroke condition. Be especially careful if the leg and the arm on one side of the body go numb - this is the reason to immediately consult a doctor, otherwise there is a risk of developing paralysis;
    • Raynaud's disease. The disease is caused by frequent stress, nervous tension, alcohol or nicotine intoxication.Also susceptible to paroxysmal blood supply disorders are people who have experienced frostbite or hypothermia of the extremities;
    • stress. Often during hyperventilation, with shallow and frequent breathing, numbness of the fingers occurs due to an increase in the amount of oxygen entering the blood;
    • obliterating endarteritis. These are diseases of the arteries in which their lumen is significantly narrowed. The vessels of the lower extremities are susceptible to it, and numbness is one of the symptoms confirming this diagnosis. The progression of the disease leads to complete overlap, followed by gangrene.

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