• Why do people age?

    March 7, 2015
    Why do people age?

    Legends, fairy tales and scary stories - many of them relate to people who have somehow gained immortality. However, at a certain stage of existence, the question of why people age and not why they die has become more interesting for humanity. Practically every person would agree to reach the age of 80 young and vigorous (and immediately die) than to “creak” to the age of 150, but with chronic sores, without teeth, almost blind and not thinking anything. Why in the course of life people change, they have already more or less figured out (you can read about this in the article Why people change), but why people always grow old - the question remains open.

    Biological theory

    It is known that every 11 months the body of an adult person is completely renewed - that is, theoretically it consists again of completely new cells. However, they do not appear at the same time, and by the time when “fresh” in one part of the body were formed, in the other they are already “elderly”. This creates an imbalance of ties that are loosening more and more. The older a person is, the greater the time gap and loosening of connections - this is why people age.

    Energy theory

    Most people think that a person begins to age when he stops seeing something new around him. Repetition has already been repeatedly tedious, fatigue sucks strength and energy from the body, a person gets tired and his body fades away.

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