• Why do people get angry

    Anger occurs for various reasons. It can manifest itself solely by physical indicators - fatigue, nervous exhaustion. In this case, you should not blame yourself for being too aggressive - you need a rest. Allow yourself to lie on the couch, go for a relaxing massage, spa-therapy. In a word, you will receive a charge of cheerfulness and good mood by all methods known to you.
    Anger may be a consequence of a ban on the expression of feelings. This may be due to emotionally hard work. These include the professions of a teacher, a flight attendant, a salesperson, a doctor - a person who contacts with a large number of people during the day. He should be extremely courteous, courteous and attentive, not allowing himself the superfluous manifestation of feelings and emotions. In this case, find a suitable way of expressing and splashing out pent-up emotions: running, punching bag, vocal lessons, drawing classes.
    Often anger responds to someone else's actions. For example, parents are mad at their children,because they do not fulfill their duties at home, or aggression can be caused by the laxity of colleagues at work, because the supervisor does not evaluate each individual employee, but the productivity of the whole team.
    Healthy aggression is an essential element of the instinct of self-preservation. Since ancient times, when someone encroaches on personal space, a person automatically lights up a red button "to protect their territory." This also applies to the desire to protect your child from some dangers, and the manifestation of healthy ambitions in business, sports and other spheres of public life. Anger is not always exclusively negative emotions, sometimes it is a catalyst for committing acts and actions that you would never commit in a calm state.
    Remember that aggression is a powerful force that needs to be skillfully owned and transformed into a positive energy for you and those around you.

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