• Why do people love?

    Anton Ozhiganov
    Anton Ozhiganov
    February 21, 2013
    Why do people love?

    How disturbing loneliness and how pleasant a cozy family idyll is. How difficult it is to part with a dear person for you, for whom you have strong feelings. What could be better than mutual sounding in unison of two loving hearts? Probably each of us knows, deep down, why people love each other. However, in the discussion of the meaning of Love, even between fairly close people, such a question sounds somewhat contrived, naive, or even ridiculous.

    We often do not think about the hidden motives of our feelings. Our culture and modern rhythms that prevail in society do not welcome self-knowledge too much. Many months go by, and even years of introspection, before a person in love can answer himself honestly and objectively, what a loved one is for, whether he really loves. Let's try to understand the nature of love relationships.

    Agree, it is very difficult to look inside and impartially see the goal for which we look in the eyes of a loved one.Perhaps we are looking for ourselves in these eyes? And well, if we find ourselves there!

    Look into your heart first.

    Paradoxically, some of us, all my life, follow a romantic mood only because of the values ​​that we inherited from our parents. In addition, this unconscious desire for romantic experiences can hide under a selfish desire to be or seem necessary. That is, a person, instead of giving his beloved care and warmth, requires increased attention to himself. As a result of such immature relationships, unpleasant kinds and types of emotions arise that are capable of ruining any sprouts of Love in the bud. Is jealousy, aggression, temper and imbalance of character can contribute to harmonious relationships?

    In a general sense, people meet with one single person in order to satisfy their hunger. When the acute, active part of the love relationship passes, (and it lasts, according to psychologists, from several weeks to several years), the phase begins with a deeper and stronger attachment to the chosen one. On the basis of these and many other parameters, spiritual affection, true mutual understanding and respect arise.

    Great balance began

    Often, loving people need the psychological qualities that their partner has. For example, an unsure girl will strive to find a guy who can be fully relied on in any, even the most difficult situation.

    At the same time, the center of attraction for a sharp young man will be a fragile and tender girl. As often in everyday life, we do not notice the universal, unshakable principle of philosophy: opposites attract in order to compensate each other. As a result of this harmony of two beginnings, as a rule, a third, new beginning - a child arises.

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