• Why do you need monthly?

    Elena Minkina
    Elena Minkina
    July 18, 2012

    Few of the girls said in their hearts: “Well, why are menstrual periods needed! Why do I need these health problems, these tampons, pads! ”. And really, why do you need monthly? Let's try to understand this in this difficult question of female physiology.

    The main task of the woman, intended for her by nature, is the conception, bearing, giving birth and raising her child. To do this, the ovaries of a woman are maturing eggs. Usually during one menstrual cycle one egg matures. While the egg is mature, the uterus begins preparing for a possible future pregnancy. To do this, its mucous membrane grows heavily and becomes very loose. After maturation, the egg leaves the ovary and begins to move through the fallopian tubes into the uterine cavity. If fertilization does not occur during the day, the egg cell dies and dissolves. The brain does not receive a signal that the fertilized egg has attached to the walls of the uterus.This leads to the fact that the mucous membrane of the uterus is rejected and in the form of menstrual bleeding is displayed outside. And in the body of a woman begins a new process of preparation for a possible pregnancy.

    So, now we can answer the question of why we need monthly. First, in order for us to know that our body is working normally. Well and secondly, thanks to the monthly we can learn in time about the presence or absence of a woman's pregnancy.

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