• Why does a man go without an umbrella?

    Evgenia Perebasova
    Evgenia Perebasova
    March 10, 2015
    Why does a man go without an umbrella?

    Often, the questions in the game “100 to 1” are discouraged, and not a single worthwhile thought comes to mind, and you do not want to lose at all! In this article we will offer popular answers to the question of why a person goes without an umbrella.

    Variants of answers to the question about the umbrella

    The most popular answers among the people surveyed were the following options:

    • I forgot.
    • There is no umbrella.
    • Loves rain.
    • Broken.
    • He wants to get sick.
    • Washes.

    If this question fell in the game on the contrary, do not forget that you need to say the most unpopular answer. It is difficult, of course, to believe that a person goes without an umbrella, because he wants to wash himself. One can only guess about the true motives of those who answered: for example, it is so hot outside, and the desire to take a shower is so great that a person is ready to wash in the rain. But the main thing is that the answers are correct.

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