• Why does silver turn black?

    Lovers of silver jewelry, for sure, noticed that silver can turn black on the body of the owner for a week or months to maintain the brilliance and purity. Silver is one of the noble metals. Then why does silver blacken in contrast to gold and platinum?

    Below we describe the reactions that cause the silver to darken.

    Why does a man turn black silver

    There are various versions explaining this phenomenon. It is difficult to determine with accuracy which of them is the most truthful, since the properties of silver have not yet been thoroughly studied.

    Chemical reactions

    The composition of silver is copper. The lower the silver sample, the more copper it contains. Reacting with hydrogen sulfide, which is released with human sweat, copper is oxidized, and the silver product turns black. A large number of sebaceous glands is located on the chest. That is why the pectoral cross, pendant, chain are most susceptible to external change.

    During hormonal surges, for example, during pregnancy, the sweat glands produce secretions in a heightened mode, and silver turns black very quickly. A similar reaction can cause medication containing sulfur.

    In order not to have to often clean the silver, you need to remove jewelry, doing sports or physical labor, when visiting the beach, swimming pool, sauna. Brushed silver enters chemical reactions much more strongly. Therefore, after cleaning, you need to give the product a "rest" for several days.

    Health problems

    It is also possible from a scientific point of view to explain why silver turns black on the body of a sick person. When diagnosing almost all diseases, doctors are not in vain prescribed to do a blood test. By its composition it is possible to determine the state of all organs. The disease changes the composition of the blood, and these changes affect the PH of the skin. The stronger the disease, the faster the silver will turn black on the body of its owner.

    The mental and emotional state of a person also affects the state of silver jewelry. Since stress, strong feelings, nervous tension intensify the work of sweat glands.

    Folk omens and beliefs

    Silver has always been attributed magical power. Silver nails were driven into the coffin of the deceased, silver bullets killed vampires and werewolves. Amulets were made of silver to protect against evil spirits.

    Silver is widely used in church ceremonies. Church utensils, icon salaries, crosses are made from it, and �holy� water is insisted on silver. Magic rituals also do not do without the participation of silver products.

    Therefore, our ancestors to the question Why does the black cross and other silver jewelry come to be? �Had only one answer - damage. The earrings, blackened in the ears, meant an evil eye, a darkened silver ring spoke of the presence of a crown of celibacy on the girl, a cross covered with a black patina testified to severe damage. When removing damage from a person silver returns the original color.

    At the same time, Eastern wisdom says that the blackened decoration took away big trouble from its owner, taking all the negatives on itself.

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