• Why does the chest itch?

    For centuries, women's breasts do not give rest to the fantasy of the entire male half of humanity. She admire artists and sculptors, poets vied in praise of her beauty. But despite the fact that any skillful seductress can make a dangerous weapon out of her chest, this part of the body can sometimes cause considerable inconvenience to a woman. In this article we will try to figure out why the breast is scratched in women and whether it is worth it to consult a doctor because of this.

    The increase or decrease in the mammary glands on the background of hormonal changes

    Since the hormonal changes take place in a teenage girl, her body is constantly changing. Under the influence of female hormones, the mammary gland increases or decreases, and the breast size changes accordingly. The same increase occurs in women during pregnancy. Any significant fluctuation of hormonal background is accompanied by certain changes in the female body and sometimes causes adverse effects.

    One of these consequences is itching in the chest.If you have a serious hormonal imbalance, then you should certainly seek the advice of a doctor. However, if the fluctuation of hormone levels in the body is at an acceptable level and is caused by natural causes (pregnancy, a certain phase of the menstrual cycle, etc.), then you should not worry.

    Improper underwear

    When a woman has itchy breasts, the reason for this, as a rule, is unsuitable for her size underwear. Ideally, the bra should be chosen in such a way as to tightly encircle the female breast, supporting it, while not squeezing it anywhere. The size of the bra is determined by two main parameters: the volume of the cup and the volume of the girth under the breast. The right bra is almost not felt on the body, it never presses or rubs anywhere.

    If you purchased a smaller bra than you need, you will probably soon feel that it is itching under your breasts. Manufacturers of various brands of lingerie do not always use standard size marking. Therefore, before purchasing a bra, it is always better to first measure it.

    Allergic reactions

    Itching can be a symptom of an allergic reaction to many substances. Breast, like other parts of the body, is exposed to allergens. It may begin to itch, both due to the content of substances irritating the skin in various cosmetic products for the body, and also because of underwear made from poor-quality materials.

    It is not uncommon for women to experience unpleasant itching due to skin contact with clothes that have been washed with low-quality allergy-causing powder. In addition, people exposed to allergic reactions should be wary of using various rinses and fabric softeners.

    Itching as a symptom of a developing disease

    Unfortunately, it is not always the appearance of itching in the chest is a harmless factor. Often it is a symptom of diseases such as dermatitis, mastitis, breast cancer, and also indicates the presence of a fungal infection. If the discomfort in the chest does not leave you for a long time, be sure to make an appointment with a doctor.

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