• Why do dogs howl?

    Lyudmila Kolyagina
    Lyudmila Kolyagina
    February 7, 2013
    Why do dogs howl?

    Our animals are often heralds of any events. This was noticed by our ancestors. Of course, you should not take the habits of animals or, for example, barking, at face value. But nevertheless, why dogs howl? Sometimes, it’s not at all clear what our dog or neighbor’s dog howls. Of course, we can be frightened, because usually our dog behaved quietly and quietly, but now, it is not clear why, this barking and howl has appeared.

    • Dogs, like other inhabitants of our blue planet, want to communicate. So, perhaps, through barking and howling, they communicate with their fellow tribesmen. That is, perhaps your dog just calls the dog from a neighbor's apartment. Ever since time immemorial, the howl of wolves has called upon a flock, that is, howl are usually lonely individuals. Others responded to the howling of one wolf, so the communication of these animals took place. We have seen such a howl more than once from the movies: the dog’s muzzle is extended upwards, the lips are extended, and the howling resembles mournful singing.
    • Express their emotions. That is, your dog can sing to the music, howl with pleasure that his master has come, sincerely rejoice with you. At the moment of this, the dog also relaxes and gains strength.
    • Sometimes an animal howls when a full moon sets in, that is, animals are much more sensitive than people, therefore, feeling the gravitational effects of the Sun and the Moon, I begin to howl. We can say that these days they have a rise in strength.
    • Usually, beliefs tell us that a dog howls to death, but for many it is only a sign. Howling dogs, for some people, means nothing. But scientists argue the opposite. Indeed, dogs feel a natural death. When a person leaves life naturally. Then her howling is directed to the ground. When the howl is directed to the sky, the dog howls on the fire. That is, the dog emits an alarm signal, telling everyone at home that it has become dangerous in the house. Under these circumstances, the howl hysterically turns into whining and does not seem to be like the howl we wrote about in previous versions.

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