• Why dream injection?

    February 27, 2015
    Why dream injection?

    The interpretation of dreams is a complicated, but fascinating process. Consider the purpose of the injection and what may foreshadow this dream. Below are the main interpretations of dreams about an injection.

    The value of a dream about an injection

    • If a person was given an injection in a dream, it indicates that he is doing something wrong and makes mistakes;
    • a thorn or prick thorn indicates that a person is trying to interfere in the affairs of others;
    • an injection by a needle or other object portends an insult or an insult;
    • to see a shot in a dream is to get closer to a difficult period in life;
    • if in a dream there was resistance to a person who wanted to give an injection, then one should wait for a quick awakening of conscience and the onset of responsibility for his past actions;
    • calm perception of the injection speaks of the imminent loss of emotional balance;
    • a shot seen in a dream can expect the pride to be hurt;
    • an injection in itself means a painful experience or imposition of other people's opinions and attitudes;
    • an injection may dream of theft;
    • an injection indicates an improvement in one’s own health or well-being;
    • many jabs warn of impending trouble;
    • an injection shot to a woman talks about possible sexual harassment;
    • an injection that a man dreamed of indicates a craving for same-sex relationships.

    Now you know what a prick can dream about and can interpret the dream yourself.

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