• Why dream ex?

    Lyudmila Kolyagina
    Lyudmila Kolyagina
    February 21, 2013

    Very often, after a break in relations, we dream at night of the person with whom we had beaten before. And the point is not that we have paranoia, the fact is that we have not yet emotionally divorced from this person. So why dream of a former or former "half"?

    The reasons for our dreams

    There are several reasons we will write about below.

    1. We still love this person. Life is not fair, a good end is not always in a relationship, not all couples live happily ever after. And the person whom we love does not have to be with us, and he, too, is not obliged to love. Therefore, we are bitter and difficult. And then at night in dreams our consciousness sees this person. I remember the good moments from life, which may long be bright in our memory.
    2. We are guilty of breaking off relationships. If we are guilty of breaking because of our weakness: treason, unwillingness to forgive, deception or misunderstanding because of pride. All this can also be the cause of our break. Only after a time does a person understandthat he was wrong and in his dreams he often tries to change the situation. So, dear readers, before doing something, it is better to think about your actions many times.
    3. No partner. If we have left the life of a certain person, but his place has not yet been taken by another, this can also be reflected in our dreams. We are all people and want to be loved, and sometimes loneliness is very difficult for us to endure. It is very important in a difficult moment not to be moved by emotions, and after such dreams, to reason why they were dreaming. What could be their cause from your real life. The lack of a partner is also one of the reasons why a former girlfriend or boyfriend, husband ...
    4. Were together for a long time. If you have been together for more than one year, your lives have come close. That is, not one day did not pass without the intervention of each other. And when you lose it, there is a void in life. Of course, different people fill it with different things: sports, drawing, fishing, parties ... Maybe anything. But the dream is not to deceive, it shows that no matter how independent you are, then you still have not forgotten that person, which is why the former guy dreams ...

    We hope that our article has helped you understand the reason why the ex-girlfriend, boyfriend, boyfriend, girlfriend dreams ...We hope that next time you will not be so attached to people or other characters in your life.

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