• Why dream of a gun?

    Olga Kravchenko
    Olga Kravchenko
    March 17, 2015
    Why dream of a gun?

    Each dream is the result of the work of our subconscious, it carries information about our present or future. It is no coincidence that there are many dream books interpreting different dreams.

    Not always dreams with "dangerous" objects portend something bad. Let us consider in more detail what the gun dreams about.

    Here are the six most likely occurrences of a pistol in your sleep:

    • If in a dream you have to shoot a pistol, then very soon you will commit an extraordinary act that will surprise even you. Also for men, such a dream may mean that he invented enemies for himself where they could not be. A woman who shoots a pistol in a dream receives a warning that her lightheadedness can destroy real feelings and attitudes.
    • If in a dream you killed a stranger, it means that you are confident in your abilities and feel safe. Hear the sound of a shot from afar symbolizes a significant loss.
    • The murder of a familiar person from a pistol is interpreted depending on his personality.So, killing your real enemy promises you a triumph over him. If you killed your boss, then soon you will have to go against him on work issues and take full responsibility for yourself.
    • If you are threatened with a pistol, then you will prevent your enemies from harming you. To injure someone with a pistol means to cause tender feelings in this person, perhaps he will fall in love with you.
    • If you have wounded an accidental stranger, this is a warning. You should stay away from other people's difficulties, interfering with the problems of others can seriously harm you.
    • Freud's dream interpretation of a dream involving a pistol is interpreted as unnecessary aggression in intimate matters that may frighten your partner.

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