• Why dream of fishing?

    Sergey Kascheev
    Sergey Kascheev
    August 3, 2012
    Why dream of fishing?

    Fishing in a dream corresponds to the desire to pick someone up on your bait, and this is not a good sign. After such a dream, one must carefully control sinful temptations.

    However, several favorable interpretations are associated with fishing, for example, to see fish in clear water may mean the appearance of pleasant gifts from life. Or to watch someone catch fish is to be able to take advantage of circumstances favorably. Interpretation also depends on how fishing in a dream takes place.

    To more accurately understand what dreams of fishing, we give illustrative examples of dream books.

    • If you could not catch anything, then the planned business will be unsuccessful.
    • The glitter of the sun from the fish on your hook foreshadows wealth.
    • To catch a fish in a dream means to endure the upcoming trials, retaining the presence of the spirit.
    • Fishing nonsense may foreshadow the well-being as a result of their own enterprise.
    • To dream of a fishing net means acquisitions, but if the net is tattered then frustration.

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