• Why dream of lightning?

    Irina Kosheleva
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    Why dream of lightning?

    Since ancient times, lightning has struck and frightened people with its unbreakable strength and might. Divine qualities were attributed to such a vivid natural phenomenon. I wonder what dreams of lightning in our time?

    In the dream book, Denise Lynn says that lightning is a very powerful sign. The symbol of lightning keeps in itself a tremendous strength, as well as the ability to go all the way through. In the days of the primitive communal system, lightning was perceived as an act of intercourse between Mother Earth and Father Heaven. In a dream, such a sign means speed, strength, as well as the imminent awakening of your vitality, vitality.

    In the dream book, Maya is traditionally given the bad and good meaning of dreams about lightning. If a thunderstorm you dreamed of in the summer is a good sign, it means that you will not have health problems in the near future. In order to secure the result, you can tie a woolen thread around your neck.

    If you saw a zipper in a dream in the winter - this is a quick repair of the home. So that everything goes well and you do not have to do it in a hectic rush, draw a small cross on each wall of the house and circle it.

    What dreams of ball lightning? N.Grishina in his noble dream book believes that such a dream does not bode well. So, the rumble of thunder somewhere far are the forerunners of bad news and sorrow. A strong, rolling thunder warns you that you have angered the authorities with something. A bolt from the blue - to a collision that could have been avoided. A flash of lightning, followed by no sound, warns of illness. If in a dream you were struck by lightning - wait for a serious illness, loss and sorrow.

    A different interpretation of what the thunderstorm dreams, lightning, in the Gypsy dream book. It is believed that such a dream warns you that your friend (or the woman who pretends to her) will bring you misfortune. If you dreamed of how lightning hits the house or a tree - it is possible that the case will reach court.

    Anyway, the key to success in everything is a sound healthy sleep.

    Have a nice sleep!

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