• Why does Fifa 12 fly out?

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    Why does Fifa 12 fly out?

    Almost everybody has heard about the sensational football simulator fifa 2012. All versions of this game deserve the sincere love of a large army of gamers from around the world. Paraphrasing the words of a famous poet, we can say that the more we love a toy, the more upset cause us mistakes in the game process. Given the relevance of complaints about errors encountered in fifa 2012, we decided to find out why fifa 12 crashes.

    First board

    To begin with, it should be remembered that the route indicated in the Latin alphabet to the game we installed is the key to the correct operation of the application. Make sure your account and document details are in English. In addition, block access to the Internet for the exe game file. In order to accomplish this you should:

    • go to the start menu
    • go to "Control Panel"
    • open the operating system firewall (in our case it is Windows)
    • in the window that appears, find the "General" tab and turn off the firewall
    • open the "Exceptions" and find the exe file of the game, after which it is necessary to uncheck the checkbox installed on it

    Second tip

    Open the "My Documents" folder, where find the folder of the game, called "FIFA 2012". In this folder, locate the folder named instance 0, where the replay0 file with the bin extension is located. Make sure that the game is not running at the moment and delete the found file. After that, open Notepad and save the empty file as replay0.bin by selecting the “Save” command - All Files. After that, click the right button of your mouse on the saved file and go to its properties. Here tick the option "Read Only", save the results and close the window.

    Council of the third

    From the questions concerning why flies out of fifa 12, for the first time confronted, this method can also save. To solve a problem using it, you need to go to the folder "Fifa 2012" located in your documents through the "Start" menu. After that, go to the users folder, where find your nickname. Right-click on the "My Documents" folder and select "Properties". Find the "Location" tab, then, by clicking on it and selecting the move option, move the folder to the local drive C.

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