• Why does hair get electrified?

    Tatyana Getmanets
    Tatyana Getmanets
    December 28, 2012
    Why does hair get electrified?

    The winter season is not only cold torture, it is also a real struggle with a hairstyle, which, alas, does not obey its owner. Hats, scarves, jumpers ... You dress-take off, and the hair from this whole procedure stands on end on your head. Why does hair get electrified? And how to deal with this terrible condition called - "hedgehog on the head"?

    Causes of hair electrification

    Many probably remember the school years wonderful. The physics teacher put a device with iron balls on the table, then a wheel spun up, and a real lightning bolt suddenly ran between the balls! This was called static electricity. The same thing happens with hair when they rub against each other.

    Hair electrified in winter

    In the summer, hair is also amenable to statics, but much less. And, to our joy, in the warm time, all this “disgrace” on the head is unnoticeable and the hairstyle is preserved perfectly. But in the winter, when air conditioners are working everywhere in the rooms, the batteries are heated and the heaters become very electrified when they start to dry out.Simply, they are charged from each other and turn the head into a big ball, with thin sticks protruding from it. But in animals, body hair is fatter, therefore it is electrified much less. But, if you often wash your cat or dog, then a lush and high "hairstyle" to your 4-foot friend is not to be avoided.

    What will eliminate the electrolysis of hair

    Do not despair! Why the hair is electrified, we found out, and now we will struggle with this gap in life. First you need to get rid of your comb, if it is plastic. Present her to an envious friend, for example, and buy the highest quality from ebonite for yourself. Then get the essential oils - lavender and pink. They can sprinkle hair before combing. But in winter use less hair dryer - it dries hair strongly and they, in turn, spoil our mood. Well, and wear clothes not from artificial, but from natural materials.

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