• Why have sex?

    Sex is an integral part of the relationship between a man and a woman. Some make love because of the pleasure, while others try to increase their self-esteem through a large number of partners. Why have sex - tell our article.

    Reasons why people have sex

    Let's start with the fact that people are initially “programmed” by nature to have sex. Intimate relationships are as natural as eating food for the normal functioning of the body. Experts believe that the desire for sexual intimacy is developed in us because of the need for procreation.

    Usually people have sex for one or several reasons.

    • Physiological causes. People make love for pleasure. In addition, sex helps to cope with stress and depression. This may also include simple curiosity: this is usually the first sexual experience. As well as a strong attraction to a particular person;
    • The reasons that are associated with achieving the goal. For example, conceiving a child.In the same paragraph, you can consider having sex as an increase in social status or a means of revenge. That is, people associate themselves with intimacy in order to ultimately achieve a specific goal;
    • Emotional causes. Here the motive for having sex is love, sympathy, affection, or mere gratitude for anything;
    • Causes related to uncertainty. People live sex life to raise their self-esteem.

    Reasons to have sex

    1. During sex, a hormone is produced that is responsible for the feeling of happiness and love. In addition to raising the mood and getting rid of negative stress, intimacy helps to establish relationships between partners.
    2. During intercourse, the pain threshold is significantly reduced, so when you have a headache, high blood pressure or premenstrual syndrome, sex will help get rid of problems.
    3. If you make love at night, then sleep will be strong and healthy.
    4. Having sex prolongs youth. If you make love regularly, then the aging process will take place in the body more slowly. Moreover, during sexual intercourse, special hormones are produced that help the skin to remain elastic for a long time, and also the processes of wrinkle formation are slowed down.
    5. During intimacy, estrogen is produced, which helps the hair stay shiny and smooth, and the skin is fresh and glowing.
    6. A woman actively engaged in sex with her man produces a significant amount of pheromones, which make her look even more attractive.
    7. Kissing during sex protects the oral cavity from increased acidity and prevents the occurrence of caries. This effect is achieved through the penetration of foreign saliva into your mouth.
    8. Love making is a natural source to combat asthma and allergies. Also having sex helps to get rid of nasal congestion.
    9. Regular sex can help your career. This is due to the fact that sexually active people are less susceptible to various types of diseases, therefore, they miss less work. In addition, people who have sex, have a healthy self-esteem.

    Meaning of sex


    First, sex helps restore immunity. Doing them even twice a week, you can protect your body from the attack of viruses and microbes.

    Secondly, sex helps keep the body in shape without resorting to the services of gyms.

    Thirdly, love joys help the work of the heart. During intercourse, testosterone is produced, which strengthens the heart muscle.

    And finally, having sex helps to get rid of depression, because during the caresses endorphins are produced, which help relieve tension.


    Despite the fact that one of the functions of sex is to replenish the human race, society reacts in two ways to sexual intercourse. Some completely exclude it from their lives, considering it to be a “dirty” business, while others, on the contrary, get maximum pleasure from doing love.

    Many companies are trying to control the minds of people through advertising, with an emphasis on sexual instincts. From the TV screens we are shouted that by purchasing this sports car, we will become the object of adoration for women, and if a girl visits the gym called N, then she will not have a release from men. People are told that having sex is obligatory in the life of a successful person.


    Nudity caused admiration for many nations. Already since the twentieth century, naked body has been a common thing in cinema, painting and theater.

    Gradually, nudity became natural in the sex life of married couples. Indeed, most recently during the Soviet era, the spouses went to bed dressed, and the husband saw only some of the exposed parts of his wife’s body.

    To date, the interest in the body is manifested almost worldwide. Sex has become a natural sphere, which is designed to bring pleasure.



    Christian teachings are silent or negative about sex. Sexual intercourse is considered a sin.


    In the Hebrew Bible, sexuality is viewed in terms of the positive power with which God has bestowed humanity.

    Sexual relations were positioned not only as a way of reproduction, but also as a source of pleasure.


    Here sex is considered strictly as a way of procreation.

    At the moment, religious people are faced with the fact that in matters related to sexual life, they make decisions that contradict the requirements of faith.

    Summarizing all the above, we can say that sex is a source of beauty, youth, health and good mood.

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