• Why is the double headed eagle?

    Ivan Kochura
    Ivan Kochura
    April 9, 2013
    Why is the double headed eagle?

    Everyone knows that the emblem of Russia is an eagle. But this is not an ordinary eagle, but a two-headed one. Unfortunately, in modern times, not everyone knows why the eagle on the coat of arms is two-headed. Before answering this question, it is worth thinking about where, in principle, in our country, this symbolism came from and, in general, why is the two-headed eagle of Russia?

    How was the coat of arms formed

    Initially, the symbol of power was a lion tearing a snake. Later he changed to rider. In 1472, Ivan III, the prince of Russia, married the princess Sophia, the niece of the Byzantine emperor Constantine. The Byzantine coat of arms at that time was a double-headed eagle, and the prince adopted their family coat of arms in order to enhance his authority among European countries. For the first time, this emblem appeared on the seal of Ivan III, but St. George was also present. These two emblems existed on an equal footing. But from the next century, the eagle becomes paramount.

    Emblem changes

    Gradually, new elements were added to the emblem.So after a while languages ​​appeared to the heads, as a sign of a strengthened state capable of standing up for itself. Under Ivan the Terrible, one large crown appeared over the eagles, equipped with a cross — as an attribute of the church. During the Time of Troubles, the coat of arms is deprived of all signs of power, and after it, on the contrary, a scepter and orb appear on it. Later, the crown becomes three and the image of St. George on the chest is added. Under Peter I, the coat of arms also acquired significant changes, the crown became imperial, and the Order of St. Andrew the First Called appeared on the chest of the eagle. Catherine I changed the color of the coat of arms to black.

    The emblem underwent various changes depending on the coming ruler, but it is worth noting that the double-headed eagle was always depicted on the emblem. The most popular explanation of why the double-headed eagle is that it symbolizes the Eurasian essence of our country, and accordingly, the heads of the eagle are turned to the West and East. The basis of the modern image of the coat of arms is the version proposed by Peter I.

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