• Why doesn’t MTS work?

    How often do you use a mobile phone? The answer to this question will be commonplace: every day. Indeed, in the modern world everyone has a cellular phone with them. You must admit that this is really convenient, because you always know that it is very easy to get in touch with you, and for this you will not need to take any complicated actions, you just need to dial a certain number of numbers.

    But not everything is as simple as it seems. Unfortunately, our phone is not always in touch, why is this happening, what are the reasons for the inaccessibility of the mobile? As you know, today in the world market there is a huge variety of mobile communications, one of the most popular is the communication from MTS. Probably, it is not a secret to anyone that there are failures in every structure, and mobile communication is far from an exception. Why doesn’t MTS work? Let's look at possible causes.

    Phone breakdown and no signal

    Cellular communication works automatically, but sometimes it even fails. Probably everyone who is a user of this connection, at least once, but asked himself the question of why MTS does not work today.This problem can be directly related to the breakdown of the switch, which, in fact, connects the subscribers.

    The problem may be in the malfunction of the phone, because of which you can not make calls. To find out if your phone is to blame for the lack of communication in this place, ask the phone from another person, insert your MTS SIM card into it, check the connection and try to make a call. If in the same place where you could not call from your phone, you managed to make a call from your number, but from another phone, it means that the reason is in your phone, and you need to deal with it, and not with a sim card.

    The phone is OK, but you are still interested in why MTS does not work well? Then pay attention to where you are. There are places where there are interruptions in communication, for example, basement, metro, tunnel. If you are unable to make a call from such a place, then try to go outside, and the best signal will probably appear. In the places listed above, where the MTS connection disappears, the connection of any other operator may also be lost. However, it is worthwhile to say a few words about the coverage area of ​​various mobile networks. For example, in your city you are constantly using MTS, and the connection is excellent everywhere.But here you went on a trip to another city. On the way, your signal may be greatly reduced or the MTS connection will disappear altogether, and this is normal. Such a problem is related to the coverage area of ​​the MTS operator, it is not ideal in all places and is equally good. For example, in the city MTS catches great everywhere, but outside the city or in the countryside there may be problems with communication. To solve this problem, try to walk around the area a bit, perhaps a good MTS connection will reappear and you can call.

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