• Why are nipples scratched?

    If you have suddenly started combing juices, then you should not think that the literature you read can save you in case of any problem. Therefore, we advise you to definitely visit a gynecologist and a breast specialist, and find out the reason for the itchiness of you. In our article, we will point out why nipples, the main causes of this problem, are itching. We will also offer several options for eliminating this problem.

    Possible causes of itching

    Naturally, itching can also mean that you have a serious illness, although in many cases itching will go away on its own. Often, even the girls do not pay attention to him, although they do this rashly. Women are in a hurry, they are immersed in work and family life, therefore they have absolutely no time left to eliminate the cause of the itch. And it is very sad. It is very important for the female body to conduct at least one examination by a specialist and monitor the hormonal background of your body.

    Typically, women of this type are “acquainted” with such problems as breastfeeding and pregnant women. Why are nipples flaked and scratched? The reason for this unpleasant problem is that when a woman becomes pregnant and feeds her child, her hormones change in her body.Therefore, a woman grows breasts and produces milk. All the reason - a change in hormonal levels. If your nipples start to itch sharply, then there is a chance that you become pregnant. Therefore, buy yourself a morning test to detect pregnancy, it will help you find out if you will soon be a mother or not.

    Before menstruation

    Often, itching in the nipple area may mean that you have your period. The fact is that your hormones (increase in the hormone testosterone) changes during this period and one of the side effects may be in itching nipples. The skin of the nipple becomes dry and therefore begins to itch. Most often this happens in the offseason. Therefore, if your body unpleasantly surprised you with this problem, drink more liquid, it will moisturize your skin a little. Therefore, not only during pregnancy nipples itch.


    • If you feel an unpleasant sensation around your nipples, then you may be allergic. Think about whether you started taking a new medicine or a biological additive, it is possible that some component is not taken by your body. Try to change this drug like, but without the constituent substance you are allergic to.
    • Things that are not thoroughly rinsed can also cause you to be allergic to powder, and it can appear on your nipples (nipples are itching). So it is better to use a harmless powder, or at least a child. And pay special attention to the rinsing of underwear. It is very important to choose your own underwear from natural materials.
    • Often, beautiful lace lingerie brings not only aesthetic beauty to its housewives, but also a nasty feeling of nipples.
    • Shower gels can cause allergies too. Therefore, you should not buy much cheap means for washing, as well as strongly smelling. Choose special body cleansers in pharmacies, products that have been monitored by dermatologists.


    Perhaps you have inflammation of the nipples (itching around the nipples) and the reason for that is the etymology of a different cause. It may also be familiar to many urticaria (red blisters appear, the skin is redder and itchy, the blisters slightly raised above the skin level). To get rid of it, doctors prescribe antihistamine or corticosteroid drugs. We only kindly ask you not to self-medicate! So take your medical book and go to the clinic!

    It is also possible that you have candidiasis. In another it is called thrush. This is a fungal disease that must be treated. So if you have this disease, then you also need to go to the hospital and not delay the treatment, hoping to “blow it away”.

    General recommendations

    Dear women, we give only general recommendations therefore. You may not get the proper effect of their performance if you do not know the exact cause of your illness.

    • refuse washing and washing means, replacing them with natural or biological ones, your goal is to remove chemistry from your environment;
    • give away synthetic linen, do not put it on later, as it will still cause you to be allergic even after ten years;
    • read all the side effects on the drugs that you take, if necessary, then replace them with others;

    Dear readers, if your nipples are itchy, then pay attention to it, track your body, eliminate allergens and if it is necessary consult a doctor for professional advice.

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