• Why skin around?

    Human skin is exactly the same organ as the heart, liver, stomach. Moreover, the skin is the largest organ of our body! The average surface area of an adult�s skin is 1.6 (for women) - 1.8 (for men) m2, and weight - a little more than 4 kg - 12-16% of the total weight of a person.

    Just like other organs of the human body, the skin is prone to various diseases. One of the most common problems is peeling of the skin.

    Why can skin get around?

    There are many reasons for this. For example, lack of nutrients, insufficient intake of vitamin A - retinol and carotene. This is especially true in winter and spring. These vitamins affect the work of the sweat glands, which retain moisture in the skin and ensure its elasticity. Carotene is found in almost all fruits and berries that are yellow or red. These are tomatoes, wild rose, sea buckthorn, pumpkin, apricots, radishes, etc.

    The skin condition is also influenced by adverse climatic conditions - wind and frost outside, prolonged exposure to the sun in summer, dry air in the room, which can be caused by certain types of heating appliances and air conditioners.Allergies to cold can be the reason for skin in winter.

    You also need to carefully monitor your diet. It is advisable to limit yourself to the use of products that cause allergies: coffee, chocolate, cocoa, fried foods. To keep your skin dry and rough, drink at least 1.5 liters of water every day. After all, dehydration is another reason for which the skin can peel off and peel.

    Why the skin on hands is shelled?

    Why skin around the fingers? Here the reason is mainly in the influence of the aggressive environment. This may be washing powders, detergents and cleaning products. In men, this is a different lubricant in car repairs, and much more, with which we somehow work and face in everyday life. Also, common causes listed above are not excluded. Those with thin and delicate skin, of course, need to protect it. For example, work in gloves. There are various cosmetic products to protect sensitive skin, use them.

    Why does the skin on the hands go around? Yes, this is a serious issue that worries many. It is possible that desquamation may be the beginning of the disease.For example, a fungal disease, seborrhea, psoriasis, or worse, any type of eczema. If your skin flakes for a long time, and you feel a strong itch, then urgently to the doctor!

    Prevent skin peeling

    Having figured out why skin will climb, you should think about prevention. To cleanse the face and skin in general, you should choose a fat-based product. It is not recommended to use alcohol or lanolin-based products. Alcohol dries the skin and it will peel off even more. Lanolin can often cause allergies. Moisture and remnants of skin care products should be removed with a soft towel by light touch. In the summer, before going for a walk, use a special protective cream. In winter, a moisturizer will help protect your face. It must be applied 30 minutes before entering the frost.

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