• Why small breasts?

    Female breast - part of the body, which is always paid much attention. Remember at least the reaction of a man to a woman with a deep cleavage ... Some women are very worried about the small size of their breasts. And some even think that this is some kind of pathology. Let's understand why small breasts.

    �The development and formation of the breast begins in 8-9 years, and may end by 14-15 years. The most active growth of the mammary glands is observed in adolescence, it is caused by an increased content of estrogen (female sex hormone) in the blood. On average, breast growth takes about 4-7 years. But that is not all. During life, the breasts may also change their size slightly.

    Why breasts are small: reasons

    The first and main reason is hormonal. The size of the female breast, first of all, depends on the hormone estradiol. Therefore, small breast size may well be caused by hormonal deficiency. Disorders of hormonal levels may be associated with the thyroid gland, adrenal glands, pituitary gland or appendages.

    By the way, there is scientific evidence that when the thyroid gland fails, the breast will not grow, even if everything is normal with female hormones. The main causes of hormonal imbalance are stress, hormonal drugs, smoking and alcohol, as well as unhealthy diets. Sometimes several factors are combined at once.

    In addition, when answering the question of why a small breast, the following factors should be taken into account:

    • Heredity. According to some studies, breast size is genetically transmitted. But it should be said that this theory has not yet been proven.
    • Lifestyle. This broad concept includes a number of factors - nutrition, the environmental situation, vitamins. They say we are what we eat. Therefore, food and the right amount of nutrients are essential for breast development. This is especially important in adolescence, when the body is experiencing a chronic lack of vitamins.
    • Mechanical impact. Professional sport and surgery can also affect the size and shape of the breast. With surgery, everything is clear, but the sport requires a special conversation.The thing is that during sports, the growth at the chest slows down. In addition, in gymnastics or swimming, in figure skating, the chest is constantly in a clamped state, which is extremely bad for its growth.

    Why is one breast smaller than the other?

    Asymmetry is peculiar to any person. And because of this, many people have one breast slightly different in size from the other. But it is important to understand that only a slight difference in size is not a pathology. In order to understand why one breast is smaller, it is necessary to undergo an ultrasound of the mammary glands. If after inspection it turns out that the difference in size is caused only by the anatomical features of the person, then the problem can be solved quite easily with the help of a surgical intervention.

    Some women get very scared when their breasts become smaller. Why is this happening? There are two common reasons:

    • During weight loss, the breast, like the rest of the body, is reduced in size. Therefore, if you are actively sitting on diets, driving weight in the hall, then you need to be prepared for the fact that the breast will be smaller.
    • Change hormonal levels. Hormones affect all the organs of our body.Therefore, if their work fails, the consequences can be very different. If there are problems with female sex hormones, then quite often the breast becomes smaller. The causes of hormonal imbalance would be discussed at the beginning of the article.

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