• Why does the battery run down quickly?

    March 25, 2015
    Why does the battery run down quickly?

    Devices that are running the Android operating system, are now the most popular in the world. However, they have one major drawback, which does not give users peace of mind. This is a fast battery discharge. It is known that the Android device is discharged very quickly. In this article we will talk about why the battery quickly sits down, and try to solve this problem.

    Solving the battery problem

    Immediately it is worth making a reservation that usually problems with the battery do not lie in the battery itself, but in the high energy intensity of the Android operating system. It really consumes a lot of energy. Next, we give some recommendations, as well as the reasons for the rapid discharge of the battery.

    • Disable communications. Not so often users use all kinds of communications. We recommend using communications when it is really necessary. Walking along the street, you hardly use the same bluetooth.This type of communication when turned on can take a lot of energy from your battery. To disable unnecessary communications, go to the wireless network settings, which you can open by lowering the curtain.
    • Next, by simply clicking on the names of the communication, turn off those that you do not need at the moment.
    • Internet traffic. Many people do not even realize that their phone consumes Internet traffic. This happens because many phones on Android OS have the option to turn on the mobile Internet by default. To turn it off, go back to "Wireless Networks" and look at the GPS point. It must be turned off. You can also enable the phone in which it will only consume traffic over a 2g network. To do this, put a tick in front of only 2g network in the "Data transfer" item.
    • Adjust the brightness of the screen. Often the screen brightness on Android devices is set quite high, which causes a large waste of battery power. Meanwhile, high brightness is not at all mandatory for many users. Most modern smartphones and tablets can operate at a brightness level of 50 percent, while ensuring a comfortable work with the display. To reduce the brightness, go to the settings and find the item "Display".There you can control the slider and change the display brightness.
    • Also, a large charge is consumed by various applications that can run in the background, and can remain on at the user's will. However, these applications are often not used, although they are included all day. To disable these applications, click the "Home" button, then you will find yourself in the task manager, which allows you to disable all unnecessary applications.

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