• Why does the computer boot up for a long time?

    Surely a slow loading of a computer or laptop encountered at least once any user. This phenomenon, in turn, is associated with a long loading of the operating system itself. There may be many reasons, but in this article we will look at the most common ones, and also tell you how to fix them.

    The main reasons for the long boot computer

    When asked why the computer takes a long time to boot, there can be several answers:

    • If you are wondering why a laptop or computer takes a long time to boot up, then you need to know that various viruses and malicious software are often the cause of the phenomenon. They not only threaten the security of your PC, but also significantly reduce the level of its performance.
    • The work of the computer can interfere with the service processes of the operating system, if there are a lot of them.
    • The cause of a long PC boot can also be a problem or overheating of the RAM.
    • Also, the reason may be the abundance of background programs.Background programs are called running, but not used by the program. If their number is large, the download will take a long time.
    • And the last common cause of long loading is overheating of the processor, which is usually due to the drying of thermal paste or ordinary dust.

    How to fix the problem

    If you are wondering why Windows takes a long time to boot, then first of all, pay attention to the presence of viruses and malware. In order to prevent the occurrence of a problem, you should periodically update the anti-virus program database, and also always use only licensed software. By the way, sometimes a computer can boot up for a long time precisely because of the antivirus itself, since at that moment he can scan programs for viruses.

    In cases where the computer takes a long time to load due to the operating system's operating processes, it is recommended that you seek professional help. If you disable them yourself, the system hangs up.

    Also, a specialist in repairing computers and laptops should be contacted when the problem is related to the RAM and the overheating of its modules. In case of a malfunction, the memory will have to be replaced.

    When a large number of background programs require unloading a computer or laptop. It is necessary to figure out which programs and applications are running, but are not applied, close them and disable autorun, and then reboot the PC. For cleaning autoload you can use special programs. For example, for this purpose is perfect.

    If the processor overheats, you can clean the cooler and the radiator yourself with a brush or vacuum cleaner. Here it is not recommended to replace the thermal grease itself, so it is desirable to entrust the process to a specialist. In some cases, you may need to buy a new cooler.

    In addition, to increase the speed of loading the computer will help the registry cleaning and disk defragmentation. In the first case, it is recommended to use the same CCleaner program. In the second, you should find the “Disk Defragmenter” program on your PC and start the scan.

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