• Why is the flash drive not formatted?

    Portable media are perceived by many as an auxiliary tool, and the data stored there is not in a hurry to recover when lost. And this is in vain, because USB - media is very useful, and with proper operation will be able to serve longer. Despite its availability, flash drives and memory cards are not yet so cheap devices that, at the slightest breakdown or detection of computer viruses, acquire a new device.

    In cases where the flash drive does not open, is not formatted, it still makes sense to recover data using a number of programs. This is especially true of information stored on a flash drive in a single copy. This is a longer and time consuming process. Formatting is a much simpler solution for problems with memory cards or flash drives. In order to start formatting the device, you must first make sure that the data has copies stored on other media.

    Formatting and restoring

    • If, however, you think that the data on your USB-drive is not so important, you can immediately format the USB flash drive.Typically, programs for formatting are included, and are on the accompanying CD. In the event that you purchased a flash drive without add-ons, you can download the appropriate program. Usually, the manufacturer's website for your USB device has all the necessary utilities included.
    • But, if the Kingston flash drive is not formatted, for example, because On the site you did not find the necessary programs. The second most simple formatting method is using utilities of your OS, for example Windows. To do this, go to the “Control Panel” and go to the “Administration” section. Open "Computer Management" and go to the "Disk Management" section. There will be a subsection of your USB device. The entire subsection must be deleted.
    • It happens that why the flash drive is not formatted is associated with the information stored on it. In the case when you want to recover data, before starting this process, you need to copy the disk by sectors. To do this, fit the program from Paragon or Acronis. So you can continue to perform actions not with the carrier, but only with the necessary data.
    • If anything does not help, then you can use special programs for data recovery.These are utilities like GetDataBack, RecoverMyFiles, or EasyRecovery. You can use them if you know a little about the settings of these programs. Before you begin, be sure to read about the operation of these utilities. Otherwise, the reasons why a micro USB flash drive or memory card is not formatted will remain.

    Auxiliary programs

    • Flash Memory Toolkit 1.1. The program allows you to test the media and the data on it.
    • EzRecover. Recovery utility, especially useful when not recognizing a flash drive system. But at the same time, the program will delete all data that was stored on the USB - device.
    • F-Recovery. A program that restores data, such as photo and video files.
    • GetDataBack. A utility that recovers lost data. It has the property to save information even after low-level formatting.
    • RecoverMyFiles. The most functional utility for data recovery and formatting USB devices. This program can recover files deleted after full system formatting.

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