• Why is the Red Book called red?

    Olga Izvekova
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    Why is the Red Book called red?

    The Red Book appeared in 1948, when scientists from the World Conservation Union decided to compile a list of endangered species of animals that would develop measures for their salvation and further protection. The list was printed in book form and sent to leaders of all countries. The reason why the Red Book is called red is simple. Since red is considered a danger signal and at the same time is a symbol of life, being the color of blood, it was decided to make the cover of the book red. It was then that the Red Book appeared.

    The first time the Red Book was published to the public in 1963 and often reprinted. Now it describes not only endangered animals, but also plants. Each country, and even a separate part of it, has its own Red Book. There is also a world book called the International Red Book. It contains a list of animals and plants whose existence is under threat on a global scale.For example, it includes polar bears, whose population is declining due to melting polar ice, and the famous Amur tiger, whose numbers have already decreased to 500 individuals.

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