• Why the sky is blue?

    September 4, 2012
    Why the sky is blue?

    You think about why the sky is blue, only children are thinking why, puzzling their parents. However, it turns out that this question has been tormented by the minds of physicists for a long time. Various attempts were made to explain the blue color of the sky, there were suggestions about the connection of color with the content of gases of various kinds in the air: nitrogen, argon, oxygen; as well as water particles, etc.

    Blue sky: why

    About why the sky is blue, the scientist Lord Rayleigh explained. The so-called "Rayleigh blue law" today is considered to reliably explain this phenomenon.

    So in order. In the sky the sun, part of the rays of which reach the surface of the Earth, passing between the molecules, without colliding with them. Part of it is absorbed by the molecules (and this part of the rays is much larger). Molecules are charged with energy when photons are absorbed, while they release energy in the form of the same photons.

    The wavelength of these secondary photons can be different, their color varies from red to violet. These photons fly in all directions.

    Rayleigh's assumption was that the color of the emitted beam depends on what color the quanta prevail in this beam. When the gas molecules collide with the photons of the sun's rays, for each secondary red quantum there are as many as eight blue, that is, the blue color is scattered more strongly.

    And, for example, the red color of the sky during sunset is explained by a stronger absorption of blue through the air. Only red is left. When the sun is high, the sky turns blue again, because blue absorption is reduced.

    By the way, the lack of atmosphere on the moon explains that the sky looks black.

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