• Why there is no toxicosis

    Causes of toxicosis

    Of course, the main cause of toxicosis - hormonal changes in the body of a woman. He adapts to his new state, and at this time dizziness, nausea and vomiting occur.
    The lack of various macro-and micronutrients, as well as vitamins also affects the appearance of toxicosis. It is therefore very important during pregnancy, and especially in the first trimester, to take vitamins, which the doctor will prescribe.
    The mood of a woman and her psychological state can also cause toxicosis. Thinking that nausea is a constant companion of pregnancy, the expectant mother sets herself up for her. This problem must be solved with the help of a psychologist.

    Toxicosis: types and characteristics

    Experts identify two types of toxemia. Naturally, both have their own distinctive features.
    Early toxicosis appears at the beginning of pregnancy, in the first twelve weeks. In the second trimester, nausea gradually subsides.Studies show that early toxicosis accompanies 80% of pregnancies.
    Late toxicosis usually occurs in the third trimester of pregnancy. Another name is gestosis. He is treated in an inpatient hospital, under medical supervision, because it can have quite serious consequences both for the child and for the mother.
    How is toxicosis manifested? The most famous symptom is vomiting. In some women, it happens only in the mornings, while others can wear them out round the clock.
    Also, the expectant mother may decrease appetite. Moreover, in some women it is insignificant, and some may be disgusted with any dishes and products, even with their loved ones.
    Often pregnant women perceive odors oddly. For example, the smell of your favorite perfume can cause nausea or vomiting.
    There is another known symptom of toxicosis - the so-called "appetite distortion". A woman may want to try those dishes that she never loved, and that may have disgusted her. It happens and vice versa - the favorite food may seem unattractive to the future mother.

    Is the absence of toxicity normal?

    Many pregnant women worry that toxicosis bypasses their side. But it is not standard for all pregnant women.Lack of nausea should cause only joy, but in no case anxiety.
    The “non-toxic” course of pregnancy has continuous benefits. The threat of miscarriage is reduced to a minimum, whereas with a strong toxicosis, such a danger will be quite real. Also, the future mother will not be cause for concern and worries. She will be able to fully enjoy the beautiful state in which she will be until the birth of the child.

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