• Windows XP: how to connect wifi?

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    Windows XP: how to connect wifi?

    Wireless network Wi-Fi is today in almost every home. With it, you can easily without wires enter the Internet from tablets, laptops and phones. However, network connectivity may not be as easy on older operating systems. For example, there may be significant complexity on Windows XP.

    Let's take a closer look at how you can connect Wi-Fi in Windows XP.

    Wi-Fi connection in Windows XP

    Connecting a wireless network on a laptop based on the Windows XP operating system is as follows:

    1. To enable the wireless network, you can rearrange the switch on the laptop. Also in operating systems on a laptop, you can activate the network using a combination of "Fn + F2". The key combination can always be found in the documentation of the laptop.
    2. You must make sure that wireless search is enabled on Windows XP. To do this, go through the path "Start - Control Panel - Network Connections". In the window you need to activate the "Wireless Network Connection" by clicking on it with the mouse.
    3. You need to find an application that is responsible for finding a wireless connection. It may be necessary to install drivers and applications.Find the necessary utility can be in the system tray. The icon usually looks like a monitor. If the utility is, then it takes control.
    4. Clicking twice on the utility, open the window where you can click "Search" and find all the wireless networks around. Selecting the desired network, connect to it. To do this, you will need to enter the network password if required. You can find out the password from the owner of the network.

    In this way, you can connect to a wireless Wi-Fi network on Windows XP. However, if you have not found the necessary utility, you should download and install drivers for the network card. You can find the driver on the manufacturer's website or on the disk to the laptop.

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