• Wish list for autumn: 25 fashionable and truly necessary purchases

    The editors of Wday.ru compiled a list of the most beautiful and desirable items from the new collections that meet the key trends of the season.

    For each new season, designers and brands are trying to please fashionistas and produce interesting new items. Especially long-awaited are the things from the autumn collections, which are designed to decorate the wardrobe and refresh the image. We found out what details you should pay particular attention to in order to make shopping really successful.

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    Footwear.First of all, take a look at futuristic and bright sneakers - sporty style is still at the height of fashion, and you shouldn't neglect it. We found the most spectacular models in Reebok Classic and Puma. However, it will be difficult to do without classic sneakers: follow them to DC Shoes and Jog Dog. But for a business and feminine style the right decision will be shoe boots - the more concise, the better. Pay attention to models of deep berry shades, like those of Vagabond and Uterque.And, of course, the models of snow-white leather, which made a real sensation last autumn season, remained relevant. It is quite successful and for the price and design pair can be found in the collection Mango.

    KnitwearSweater shades of unbleached linen, sweater openwork knitting, dress noodles - all this can be called one of the main purchases for cool weather. The perfect dress, which will be warm and cozy, was found in the Uniqlo U collection, and follow an I Am Studio for an unusual shade.

    Coat.In addition to classic coats and capes, at the peak of fashion there are still “teddy-bear” fur coats, reminiscent of many children's favorite plush toys. You need to really try to find the perfect model, but we coped with the task! On the hunt for the "curly" coat is best to go to the showroom of the Russian brand FourNames and the stores of the Swedish brand Monki.

    Decorations.This season you just need bohemian-style jewelery! Bright gems, simple shapes and natural motifs are all that is needed for a harmonious autumn look. Pendants with stones of unusual shape, as in the LAV’Z collection, will ideally be combined with knit knit.And the rings in the shape of wheat ears from the new Pandora collection - especially if they are worn several pieces on one hand - will be an excellent complement to the romantic dresses made of flying fabrics, which, by the way, are back in fashion.

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